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Portage Curling Club Member Ratings

  • In order to promote competitive fairness, some leagues operate under a point system.  Each member of a team is ranked by overall curling ability on a scale of 5 (new to curling, playing lead,) to 20 (best players in our club). 
    Each team of four must have a point total of no more than 50.

  • Active member individual curlers are rated each spring after the season. Inactive curlers or experienced players who are new or returning to play at PCC are also individually rated as the need arises.  Assessments are based on shot-making and other skill elements by a board-appointed rating committee.  This group makes its decisions to balance maximum participation while endeavoring to maintain a level playing field.

Women's Ratings 2024-2025
Men's Ratings 2024-2025

In-Active Ratings 2024-2025

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