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Annual Membership Dues
The following membership categories allow participation in all club leagues, intraclub bonspiels, and playdowns entries as PCC members:

Friendly Reminder
Dues should be paid, and the release form signed BEFORE you step on the ice. Skips, it is your responsibility  to make sure all members on your team have paid their dues. The treasurer will be at each of the leagues during the first two weeks of the season to help facilitate this. 

On December 1st, a list of curlers with unpaid dues will be posted. After December 15th, any team that plays with a curler who has not paid dues will forfeit those games.

Credit Card Payments
Due to rising costs and very limited use, the credit card swipe option is no longer available. We intend to have PayPal and/or Venmo available for payments. Checks & cash will still be accepted.

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