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 Let's Work Together

Like most curling clubs, we rely heavily on volunteers for many things. From making and maintaining the ice, to the bonspiels that we host throughout the season, none of these would be possible without the dedication of our club members. A survey will be sent out to the membership that we strongly encourage every member to complete. Our goal is threefold. First, we hope to educate the newer members on the number of hours that it takes to run the club and show the various ways that members can volunteer. Second, we understand that curling is a part of busy lives for all our members. We want to find out how much time, if any, people are willing or able to volunteer to help around the club. Third, we want to find out what motivates you. What sort of rewards would encourage you to volunteer around the club, or what other options would you like to see to help the club as an alternative to volunteering? We do not intend to implement any changes this season, but we hope to use the feedback we receive from membership to develop a volunteerism plan for next season that generates the greatest amount of participation from the greatest number of people. This season, you will be asked to choose one of the 3 following options when you fill out your waiver and pay your dues…

  1. Volunteer 5 hours around the club. Activities could include making ice, serving on committees, helping at bonspiels (ice crew, kitchen staff, officiating, seeking raffle prize donations, etc.) You can find events on our calendar page. Our Volunteer Hours Binders will allow you to log your hours. We will track hours for all members so please fill them out each time you volunteer, whether you choose this option or not.

  2. Sell 5 additional calendars. Choosing this option will mean that your packet will contain ten (10) calendars to sell instead of the original five (5).

  3. Donate $50.

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