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This consists of the Men’s Playdown and the Club Playdown, followed by the Club Championship game.

  • Men’s Playdown remains the same as past years. Depending on the total number of teams in the Monday and Wednesday leagues, 14 to 17 teams will be taken into Men’s Playdown. The winner of the Monday and
    Wednesday league will receive a first-round bye in the Men’s Playdowns (no ties)


  • Any team in any league other than Monday Dinner League and Wednesday Men’s League with 50 pts or less is eligible for the Club Playdown. This includes the Women’s League, the Open League, and the Mixed League.

  • Monday and Tuesday of Playdown week consists of 5:45pm and 8:00pm draws.
    Draw times will be assigned to avoid conflicts for players on multiple teams as much as possible.
    (A second draw may be possible on Wednesday and/or Thursday as well.)


  • Club Playdown will consist of 8 teams drawn from the eligible leagues. A fixed number of eligible teams from each league will be selected for Club Playdowns proportional to the number of 50-point eligible teams in each.
    Spots on Club Playdowns will be offered to the highest placed teams in each league at the end of the season.


  • Club Playdown will start the Tuesday of playdown week. Some Club Playdown games may be assigned a Monday draw depending on player conflicts and draw availability.
    Club Playdown Quarterfinals on Tuesday will have the second draw (8:00pm).


  • Club Playdown Semifinals are Wednesday at 6:30pm and Club Playdown Finals
    (Club Championship eligibility game) are Thursday at 6:30pm.


  • The Club Championship between the winners of the Club Playdown and the
    Men’s Playdown will be 6:30pm Friday of playdown week.

    NOTE: An extended Playdown Week is possible if the club chooses to have more than
    8 teams in the Club Championship.

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