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Beginning November 13, 2023

Lessons will be offered on Monday evenings  from 7:15-8:45 beginning November 13.  Cost is $10 each week. Come when you can, stay as long as you can. Invite your friends to try curling. There is a dinner league on Mondays. They start at 5:00 and some of them will be coming off the ice when you come in - expect some chaos.
We will wait until either sheets 1 and 2 are empty or 3 and 4, so we don't interfere with their games.
After you come off the ice, you are welcome to stay after. Many of the league curlers will still be hanging out.
If you know somebody, feel free to join them. One of the unique things about curling is the social aspect. In most sports,
you don't see teams sitting down with their opponents.
If you are interested in buying a beer after, let me know. Over the weeks, we will discuss other aspects of curling.
If you want to participate in a league game, we have a sub-list posted on the bulletin board, feel free to add your name and phone number to the list, and you might get a call. You are allowed to sub up to 3 times.



The U5 League will start January 8 and run through February 26. The cost is $125 minus any money you paid for lessons:

example- participate in lessons three times- paid $30, then dues will be $125-$30, so you would owe $95.

Each week of the league, we will mix up the teams and the position you play, so if you miss a week of two that's ok.
To make it a little competitive, we will keep track of points- one point for each point your team scored,
one point for each end the team scored, and two points for a win or one for a tie. 

Current and past members with 5 or fewer years of curling will be invited to join this league.
Our current members will not have to pay extra to be in this league and will have full membership benefits
such as a keycard for the club and membership in the beer club.

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